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  Pilates builds long lean muscles



Brave Heart Sportswear is a dynamic sportswear company that specialise in affordable limited edition sportswear, gym wear and active wear for health conscious men a women.

The company designs and retails extremely low quantities of its limited edition and static products, therefore always guaranteeing exclusivity.

Brave Heart Sportswear's range covers sports crop tops, fitness singlets and tanks, designer t-shirts, exercise shorts, spandex leggings, track, sweat and lounge pants, long sleeve tees & tops, sports & casual hoodies, sports jackets, squash & tennis skorts, limited edition tunics, and accessories.

Our research has identified a gap in the market place for affordable, limited edition designer lifestyle sportswear.

Our companys motto is Pro Libertate (For Freedom).

FREEDOM to live a healthy and fulfilling life

FREEDOM to make choices

FREEDOM to speak up and have your voice heard

FREEDOM to express yourself

FREEDOM to fight for what you believe in

Brave Heart Sportswear’s commitment lies in providing it’s customers with quality products, exceptional customer service, limited edition designs and through it’s Blog/Article page offer its members advice on obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Brave Heart Sportwear believes you must have a healthy mind and body to be able to have the FREEDOM to live the life you deserve.

You can also join the Brave Heart Sportswear family via   twitter png   facebook png    pinterest png    instagram png    google png    linkedin png    and recommend us to your friends utilising the social share icons located throughout the website. 

Brave Heart Sportswear wishes you all the best on your journey to FREEDOM.



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